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The first few sentences of...GOOD COP
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Brooks Bennett ran a hand through his short copper curls and blew out a long breath as he studied his surroundings. Their favorite college haunt seemed smaller and dingier,
though the same stale smells of cooking grease and spilled beer lingered. They’d celebrated their College World Series win right here almost seven years ago. Seven years. Fucking A.

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 Who was your first love? Jack Lynch. We were 13 and it was a summer romance. He walked me home. Slow danced with me. Held hands. So romantic. (Still great friends to this day.)

What was the first romance you ever read? The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I was in 10th grade when Carla Christiansen leaned over during English class and whispered, “I’m reading a book. It has sex in it.” I went home that night and told my mother we need to get that book. She had heard of it too so she sent my father to the bookstore on his way home from work to get both The Flame and The Flower along with The Wolf and The Dove. And he did! (He’s also my biggest fan.) Ooooh, they were so good, I was hooked on romance for the rest of my life!

What was your first date with your significant other? “Disco Dance” party in college. Had to dress up and it was a sorority function so I had to ask him to it. Turned out well!

More about Liz

Growing up every summer in a place where dancing and romancing are literally part of its theme song, Liz Kelly can't help but be a romantic at heart. A graduate of Wake Forest University, where she met her golf-addicted
husband, (who is now sporting dark glasses everywhere he goes) Liz is a mother of two sons (also sporting dark glasses) and a miniature Labradoodle. They live in the Fountain of Youth, a.k.a. Naples, FL where dancing and romancing continues on ad infinitum.

You can learn even more about Liz on her website:

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  1. Awesome post! And I do believe we answered two of the same questions. Can't wait to read all the other Passionate Kisses posts!