FABULOUS FIRSTS with...Kylie Gilmore

The first few sentences of... 
One of the 10 novels in the new boxed set, 
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Ryan O’Hare sat at the swank bar of the Four Seasons Hotel New York, the beer in front of him untouched, as he kept an eye on his mark. The short, bald man in a suit at the other end of the bar hadn’t ordered yet, and his eyes nervously scanned the lobby. Ryan’s phone vibrated. He glanced at the number, his younger brother Travis. Not now. I’m waiting for the money shot.

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What was the first romance you ever read?
Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Flame and The Flower. I was 15 and it was eye-opening indeed! I still love that book and was lucky enough to get to meet Kathleen at a romance writers conference. She was so inspiring and happy to answer the newbie questions I asked. I swear I’ll return the favor someday to another newbie in need of direction!

What’s the first thing you do when you start writing a new story? 
First I’m looking around for character pictures to inspire me. Next is a playlist matched to the mood of the story. And, finally, I make a storyboard blocking out the scenes on Post-It notes. Then comes the hard part…writing the first draft. Give me revisions any day.

What’s the first thing you do when you start reading a new book? (ie: read the back cover blurb again or the inside front cover, the acknowledgments, the last page, etc)
I’m all about the back cover blurb, then I read the first page. If those are good, I’ll read the whole thing. Note to self: make sure your cover blurb and first page grab the reader. Honestly, I can spend a week on that blurb and work the most on the first chapter. So, so important.

More about Kylie: Kylie Gilmore was lucky enough to discover romance novels at a young age as they were strewn all over the house (thanks, Mom!). She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor. Her Clover Park series
features the O’Hare brothers, three guys you’d definitely have a drink with and maybe a little more.

Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she’s not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.

You can find her online here: