Giving the Heroine Her Due


by Sascha Illyvich 

When discussing romance novels, we tend to focus exclusively on our heroes and how difficult they were or brave because of the challenges they've overcome, but what about the heroines who must deal with them?  Does anyone ever cover the strong women?  I'm giving a special shout out to those heroines.

The important thing for me as a romance reader is to find the heroines and heroes who, despite all the odds, end up together and make it work somehow through all the strife.  And by strife I'm not talking about him meeting her father, because that's generally not an issue in the romances I tend to read.   We're looking more at the heavier things in the world.  Scenarios that would suggest action or inaction may harm the fate of man.  

Secretly, there are times when the Alpha Male doesn't yearn for control, he longs to give it up, just for a moment.  I'm currently making my way through the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and enjoying it, loving just how rich the characters are with their flaws.  All of the males are so damaged emotionally and even mentally that it takes a truly strong heroine to not only love them, but deal with them.  And the stories don't stop after the character gets their book.  We're still seeing Wrath's newfound issues in Lover Avenged.  In Phury's book Lover Enshrined, we see just how completely messed up that male is because the woman who wants him has to basically walk out on him to make him realize just how badly he needs help.  When he finally comes to someone for help it's not his Brothers, it's her. 

Since Romance is truly the Heroine's Journey, it only makes sense that they should take a place in the spotlight in nontraditional terms. For more on this, make sure to pop on over to Savvy Authors and check out my class for writers:  Male POV – Creating Better Heroes June 16-22nd. Until then, Jaded Males – My Specialty is a post I wrote to help more writers get behind our messed up heroes minds.

Sascha Illyvich

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