An interview with...Erotica author MORGAN HENRY

Thanks for being here today, Morgan.

First of all, I want to congratulate you for just getting a new contract offer from Siren-Bookstrand! Woo hoo! Very exciting.

Now...would you please share a short bio about yourself?

I was able to realize a long unfulfilled dream when Siren accepted my manuscript for publication.  Though I had always loved reading and writing, I made the decision to pursue a career in science when I was still in high school.  It was a choice based in a need for stability and financial security.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I returned to my love of writing.  I wrote a manuscript, deciding that it was better to try and fail than to always wonder if I could have been a writer.           

I reside in Ontario, with my loving and supportive husband, cat and Boston terrorizer, oops I mean terrier.  When I’m not writing, I still have a full time “day job”, family to look after, friends to enjoy spending time with, and quilts to make.

Do you consider yourself a shy and/or introverted person? 

I am most definitely introverted.

In what ways has being shy or introverted hindered your writing career?

I am still very early in my writing career, so these next few questions are maybe a bit premature. I’m not sure it hindered the writing. I think it hinders the publicity end of things. I have a hard time with promoting me and my writing.

In what ways has being shy or introverted helped your writing career?

The definition of an introvert is someone who needs time by themselves to recharge their personal energy. Since I enjoy alone time, I find the solitary nature of writing quite pleasurable.

What’s the hardest part of this business for you?

I’m still struggling with the whole “web presence” thing. I don’t generally spend a great deal of time online, so trying to manage a website, facebook, etc is a bit difficult for me.  As I mentioned earlier, I also find the promotion aspect difficult too.

Tell me about a time that you had to step outside your comfort zone either in your writing career or in your personal life? 

Well, as for the writing, I’m going to my first writing seminar a few days before this interview comes out. We’ll have to see how that goes.  It involves going to a place with a lot of people that I don’t know, to an event type I’ve never encountered and I’ll be by myself. A crowd and doing something for the first time – it’s an introvert’s nightmare!

Actually, when I think about the things that have made me most uncomfortable in life, they all tend to have crowds of people I don’t know. Conferences, weddings, funerals, concerts, etc. They all are draining.

What’s one tip you could share with shy and introverted people that’s helped you?

I think that introverts need to embrace that part of themselves. It’s okay to need alone time to recharge.  It’s also important to understand that about yourself, but not let it hold you back from achieving what you want in life.

For example, I can force myself to go to that writing seminar, but I know that will be pretty much it for me for the day. I wouldn’t try to schedule a dinner party for 12 on the same day, because I’ll be too wrung out to be good company later.

Would you please share a short blurb of your book and where my readers can buy  it?

This is the blub for my newest book, A Hard Choice for Hanna.  It’s the second book in the Hardwick Bay series.

Hanna Marks is happy with her life.  She loves her job as a veterinary technician, her home, beautiful garden, friends and family.  When sexy Kent and Carter VanLindt pursue her, she feels that it can't get much better.  They’re smart, successful, fun to be around and amazing in bed.

Hanna loves her family dearly, and can’t imagine life without them. But her parents didn't grow up in Hardwick Bay, the little town that embraces alternative lifestyles. Surely they’ll be able to accept her relationship with two men.  Or will her mother’s increasingly conservative views on marriage and relationships ruin it all?

Kent and Carter love Hanna to bits.  She’s the one for them. But when Hanna pulls away at the first sign of trouble, Kent’s past relationship disaster comes back to haunt him. Can Carter convince him to forgive Hanna and give their relationship another chance?

Where can my readers find you on the web?

You can buy her first book, A New Life for Cailynn, here.

 Thanks for a great interview, Morgan! Wishing you many sales and many more contracts!

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