Q & A with author Lola Karns

Thanks for being here today, Lola. Would you please share a short bio about yourself?
I always find it strange to talk about myself, sort of like being on a blind date. After having a variety of jobs ranging from bartender, concierge, file clerk, document translator, shipping clerk as I moved up and down the East Coast and Midwest, I decided I needed a more portable career. Remembering how often I daydreamed through my various jobs, I decided to try and make a novel out of some of the stories I told myself to make the day go faster.

Do you consider yourself a shy and/or introverted person? Yes.

In what ways has being shy or introverted hindered your writing career? 

I’m sure being shy has hurt some of my promotional opportunities. I have a hard time networking and reaching out to people even after I have met them. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to have Joanna Bourne read some of my work in an anonymous review group. She loved my writing and complemented me personally afterwards. I was too shy to ask if she would read and blurb for me on Winter Fairy.

In what ways has being shy or introverted helped your writing career?

Until I’m really comfortable with someone, I tend to be more of a listener than a talker. I also must give off a trustworthy vibe. As a result, I’ve been part of conversations that give me a window into other people’s lives, people who experienced the world in a different way than I did. I’ve learned a lot by being quiet and I draw upon that knowledge to create believable characters.

What’s the hardest part of this business for you?

Promotion. I want people to find my book and fall in love with the characters, but increasingly, authors have to be PR people as well. I find it hard enough to call people I know and ask them to help support my book, much less to cold call people and do the same. It takes so much energy for me to work up the nerve to dial the phone or send an email to someone I don’t know that I’m emotionally worn out by the time I get a response and I fear my nervousness overpowers my passion for my characters and the story.

Tell me about a time that you had to step outside your comfort zone either in your writing career or in your personal life? 

Just one? I try to force myself outside of my comfort zone on a semi-regular basis because more often than not, it works. I went to college out of state rather than going in state with a lot of my friends. I also found a great preschool and pediatrician for my children by walking up to a group of women at the playground and saying “Hi, I’m new in town.”

What’s one tip you could share with shy and introverted people that’s helped you? 

See above. Sometimes it’s worth stepping outside your comfort zone. At best, you’ll have a terrific experience and at worst, you’ll appreciate the quiet even more when you’re done.

Would you please share a short blurb of your book and where my readers can buy it?
Winter Fairy is available as an eBook through Amazon, Crimson Romance, iTunes and Barnes & Noble. Print version forthcoming.

Widowed doctor Carson Langley didn’t know what surprises him more at his six-year-old’s dance recital, that his reticent daughter is the star of the show or that the attractive teacher, Penelope Glazier, seems to have gotten through to his girl. Too bad she considers teaching a temporary job before she returns to her professional touring company. Even if he were willing to take a risk with his heart, he has to protect his daughter, Eloise.

Free-spirited Penelope Glazier doesn’t believe the stories she heard about Eloise. All she sees is a creative girl who needs some direction and she’s the perfect person to provide it while she recovers from a near catastrophic injury. After spending time with Eloise and her by-the-book father, she recognizes that despite their differences, they have a connection.

When Penelope lands a plum part will she dance out of Carson and Eloise’s life forever? Or will she take on her riskiest part ever?
Where can my readers find you on the web? 

I’m on Facebook and Goodreads as Lola Karns, Twitter @lolakarns and my website www.lolakarns.com

Thanks for having me and giving me a reason to step outside my comfort zone. I look forward to hearing from your readers.

You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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