My indie adventure...

Here it is, my new cover!

It's my favorite of all the books I've written, yet it wasn't quite right for the Big 6. So...after thinking about it for many months, I've decided to do it. I'm going indie.

SHAMELESS will release in early December. Exactly when, I'm not quite sure. It's with a copy editor right now (the fabulous Jen Gracen) and I am in the process of lining up a formatter. I'd planned to hire a cover artist, but as I started making mock ups to show her, I realized I'd pretty much designed it already. I have a major in Graphic Design from a million years ago, so I knew I could create a cover I liked, but producing it? That's another story. So I hired Rachel Conner to tweak and perfect it and give me the correct sizes.

As for how I plan to promote it...well, um, we'll talk about that another time. (In other words: I have NO idea yet!!!!) As a shy/introverted author, you KNOW this is not my favorite topic.

Will keep you posted on SHAMELESS's progress!

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