Week 5: 10 lbs in 10 weeks challenge

Welcome to week 5 of our challenge. How are you all doing? We're almost halfway through the challenge--are you halfway to your goal?

I'm not quite there. I've lost three pounds so far, so I know I need to kick my plan into high gear if I want to reach my goal of 10 lbs by Conference.

If you're on track, good for you! Keep up the good work and keep doing what you're doing. If you're a bit behind schedule, it's time for a pep talk.

First of all, any weight loss at all is a good thing. Studies have shown that the slower the weight loss, the more likely you are to keep it off. Second, have you improved your eating habits or exercise habits in these past few weeks? Yes? Then that is success.

Weight loss is very simple (generally, it's burn more calories than you take in. Ie: move more, eat less). It might be simple, but it's definitely not easy. Especially as we get older. (Grr.)

Here are some suggestions to get that weight loss going.

1. Review all the previous weeks' steps. Are you following all of them? If not, start following the steps. Every day.

2. Are you following all the steps, but you're still not losing weight? You may not like to hear this, but you'll have to amp up your exercise. Start with cardio. For weight loss, you need 250-300 minutes a week of cardio (where you're breathing faster/harder than normal, working up a sweat). That breaks down to 42-50 minutes of cardio 5x/week. Yes, that's a lot. But that's what I'm going to have to do, so you're not alone. I've always needed more exercise than the average person.

3. Stop eating starchy carbs after 3 p.m. This means no rice, pasta, potatoes, corn, peas, breads, cereals. Your dinner and late afternoon and/or evening snack will consist of proteins and fruit/vegies. If you carry your weight in your belly and upper body, avoid fruit after 3 p.m. too.

Come on! We can do this. I've been a bit slack about keeping my food diary and eating enough fruits and vegies. I'm changing that this week. I want a 2 lb weight drop by this time next week. What's your goal?


  1. I'm still stuck at the same. I didn't use the elliptical at all last week which is probably why...staring at it now and trying to talk myself into getting on.

    I'm using the FitDay food log religiously and keeping the calories at a good level. My husband told me I'm no fun, because I never want to go out to eat these days. I did wear a pair of jeans that were snug last spring, but they're not the pair I'm working toward.

  2. Oh, Kendra, I am so happy for you. They may not be the jeans you're working toward but they are jeans that you haven't worn in a year. Congrats!. You'll get into the other ones I'm sure.

    Me, I've not been keeping the journal because I figured I could do well just following what I'm supposed to eat. Big mistake. So I am starting over by revieweing the previous weeks and starting my journal. I went to the doctor today for a check up and blood work was the pits. I knew it would be. My A1C is 6.9. If I don't lose weight, I'll end up on diabetic meds and I don't want that. I'm seriously working on cutting the whites from my diet.

    See you all next week.

  3. Kendra, that's awesome about the jeans. Just get back on that darn elliptical, and the pounds will follow. And you'll be slipping into those other jeans in now time at all.

  4. Pat, yeah, the minute I stop tracking with my food journal, the pounds either come back on or they quit coming off at all.

    Yikes on what your doc said. Nothing like that warning to motivate you, eh? Just keep making baby changes. You'll get there.