WEEK 3: 10 lbs in 10 weeks challenge

Welcome to the third week of this challenge. How are you doing? Are your pants getting a bit looser around the waist? Is the scale coming down a bit? If so on one or both counts, great job. If not, that’s okay. I’ve got some tips today that should really get that scale moving down.

I’ve lost just ½ lb so far, so I know I need to make some more adjustments in my diet. However, I put some jeans on yesterday and they felt just a bit less snug than they did last time I tried them on. That leads me to Step 1…

Step 1. Sometimes the scale lies. Or doesn’t tell the whole truth. So I’d like you to find a pair of jeans/pants that are a little tight on you. Make it a pair that you rarely wear. Check out how you feel and look in these pants. Now, hang them up on your closet door or some place where you’ll see them every day. I want you to try these on every Sunday. Sometimes, we lose inches before we lose pounds.

Step 2. Take your belly measurement again. Measuring tape right around the belly. Has the number come down since we last measured? Mine is down 1/4 inch.

Step 3. From now on, I want you eating every 2-3 hours that you’re awake. Think ‘mini-meals’ or breakfast/lunch/dinner + 2 snacks. This means you’ll be eating 5-6x/day. You have to eat more often to lose weight. Trust me on this. When you go too long without feeding your body, your body slows down your metabolism to preserve energy. When your metabolism slows, you burn fewer calories. But every time you eat, your metabolism rises. The easiest way to keep that fire burning is by eating.

Step 4. Eat until satisfied, not full. This step alone will really make a difference on that scale, but it’s hard to do. Especially if you’re eating something really yummy. The best way to do this is to eat slowly. Pay attention to your food rather than scarfing it mindlessly down the hatch. When you reach the point where you’re no longer hungry anymore, stop eating. If you still have food on your plate and are worried about wasting it, then wrap it up and finish it off in 2-3 hours when you’re hungry again.

Step 5. Add another serving of fruit or veggie to your day. Look over your journal. How many servings of produce are you eating on average? Eventually, I want that number to be 5-10 servings a day.

Step 6. Keep moving. If you can add 5 minutes to your sweat time, that would be great. Remember, you’re breaking a sweat for 20 minutes, 6 days a week. If those strength training exercises are getting easy, try holding dumbbells by your sides, or adding repetitions. Or try a strength-training class or DVD. 2x/week.

That’s it. You’re doing great. Remember, we’re looking for progress, not perfection.


  1. well, I drinking more water, eating more veggies, but with the heat that arrived I'm retaining fluid. I guess I really have to work on cutting salt bettter.

    I'm moving more, but not doing as much as I'd like.

    I did notice the bra is a little looser so I guess I'm doing okay.

  2. I'm down 3 and a half pounds total. Yay!

    The food log really works for me. I think twice about eating something if I know I have to write it down. And I'm cutting portion sizes. We picked up a take-out meal the other night. I promptly cut mine in half and stuck half in the fridge.

    I feel muscle definition in my thighs that wasn't there before. I've been working my arms to get ready for those sleeveless summer tops and I can see that, too.

    I'm going to try the jeans idea. A month ago I put on a pair of capri jeans that I wore last spring and I was very upset at how tight they were. My goal is to make them look good.

  3. Pat, you're doing great. Drinking more water will help with the fluid retention as will cutting out the salt. And yay for the looser-fitting bra. :)

  4. Kendra, Woo Hoo on the weight loss. You're right on track. Nice job. :) My "fit test" pants are also a pair of capris. In fact, trying them on a few weeks ago and seeing how snug they were is what inspired me to start this challenge.

    Food logs are great, aren't they? Keep up the good work.