MERRY SIMMONS: With a Little Help From Her Friends

As a shy writer, can you imagine anything more hideous than having an excerpt from one of your love scenes online for anyone, including your hubby's golf buddies, to read out of context? I can't. Well, maybe having to read said love scene out loud to hubby's golf buddies, but I digress.

My friend Meredith Simmons is in the finals for Writing with The Stars--the winner will become a Kensington Brava author. This week, readers are voting on Best Love Scene. You can vote only once, but do it by Feb. 27 (the link is below). Everyone needs a little help from their friends...

Here's Meredith: If you ever want to feel the ultimate shyness, try putting a love scene online. That's the topic of this round's challenge in the RT/Brava contest. Ugh! In a novel, the love scenes can be something organic that grows out of the plot, but to pull the words out and leave them naked, well, that's very uncomfortable. You kinda end up with body parts and movement. I'm sure the other contestants found this as uncomfortable as I did. I obviously was the one who wimped out, however, since the judge pronounced my entry the "sweetest," which it certainly didn't seem when I sent it in.

If you want to see the results, they're up at And if you can do so with good conscience, leave a vote for me. :-)

You can learn more about Meredith at her website.


  1. I loved your scene, Merry. In fact, I voted for it yesterday. Well done!

  2. Thanks, Becky, for letting me come to your blog. And thanks, Annette, for your kind words and vote.

    Merry - who had to post as anonymous since my "URL contains illegal characters." Weird!

  3. I liked the scene too. I didn't think it was sweet... more a case of... ah, sigh... with the sense of more to come.:-) Good luck, Merry.

  4. This makes me wonder how shy people ever manage to write love scenes. How do you do it?

  5. I don't know how others do it, but for me, the love scenes are just a culmination of an ongoing attraction between the two main characters. These characters are very real to me and their actions come out of what I know of them. It's all part of a whole, so writing these scenes isn't the least embarrassing. To separate this one scene from the surrounding story, however, as we had to do for this round in the Writing with the Stars contest, made for an uncomfortable submission.