Q & A with author Marie Tuhart

Thanks for being here today, Marie. Would you please share a short bio about yourself?

Thanks for having me, Rebecca. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I still live, next year I will be moving to Washington State. I'm published in contemporary erotic romance with The Wild Rose Press, I also write Paranormal erotic romance and series contemporary romance targeted for Harlequin Presents.

Q Do you consider yourself a shy and/or introverted person?
A I'm pretty much an introvert although some people who know me wouldn't agree with me.

Q In what ways has being shy or introverted hindered your writing career?
A I sometimes have a hard time at conferences with networking.

Q In what ways has being shy or introverted helped your writing career?
A It's helped me write characters who are outgoing and will do wild things, things I would never think of doing.

Q  What’s the hardest part of this business for you?
A Promotion, I don't know if what I'm doing is working or not.

Q Tell me about a time that you had to step outside your comfort zone either in your writing career or in your personal life?
A I would have to say at the Emerald City Conference last year, they invited e-book authors to their book signing, I didn't have a book to sign so I was way outside my comfort zone. But the book signing chairs made it painless by having a scavenger hunt that involved only the e-book authors and I was seated next to Shelli Stevens who kept me from running out of the room and made me feel welcome.

Q What’s one tip you could share with shy and introverted people that’s helped you?
A Watch for opportunities to show off your writing and don't stress if you've decided to do a talk or a book signing, or whatever. It isn't easy, but in the long run it's fun.

Q Would you please share a short blurb of your book and where my readers can buy it?
A Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up
Angie Davidson finds herself at loose ends after her best friend's wedding and in need of a vacation, so when sexy yet aloof co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch, Jared Turner, insists she stay to explore their sexual attraction, she agrees. Though she loves being a submissive in the bedroom, Jared's distant air after lovemaking brings back bad memories. Can she show this strong sexy man he has nothing to fear from her, or will he abandon her like everyone else in her life has?

Sexy yet aloof Jared, co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch is eager to explore Angie's submissive side with two weeks of toys and other naughty play. However, the last time he was this attracted to a woman—mentally and phyiscally—she wasn't able to put up with his Dominant streak. Can Angie see that her vacation with him can be the perfect way of life?
You can buy Quick Silver Ranch at any of your favorite e-tailers (Amazon, B&N, Bookstrand, Fictionwise) Or you can buy directly from The Wild Rose Press http://tinyurl.com/6jcwda5

Q  Where can my readers find you on the web?
A You can find me a number of places:
Website: www.marietuhart.com
Facebook: Marie Tuhart – I'm the only one
Twitter: @marietuhart
Blog: www.escapetoaneroticfantasy.blogspot.com
Group blog: www.wildandwickedcowboys.wordpress.com

Thanks so much for being here today, Marie!


  1. Hi Marie and Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing your book blurb and your experiences being shy and yet expressing the non-shy side through characters. Makes writing erotic romance seem doable for the introverted-at-heart!

    I loved Saddle Up, Roped and Ready and In Plain Sight! Can't wait for the next escape fantasy from your imagination!


  2. Hi Marie,

    I can totally sympathize. I'm an introverted soul, too, but watch out! Once I get to know you, I cannot stop talking. :)

    I love your work. Your books are erotic adventures full of emotion. Saddle Up is fantastic!

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    I have Borrowed Stilettos in my Kindle library. Looking forward to read it one of these day. :)

  4. Hi Nicci,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. Yes, I live through my characters which is more fun than my real life.

  5. Hi Isabel,

    Thank you for the comment. I'm the same way, once I get to know you, I can talk up a storm.

  6. Hey Marie, Thanks so much for being here today.

    And Isabel, a huge thanks for buying Borrowed Stilettos. I hope you enjoy it. It was sure fun to write.