Please welcome author and 2008 Golden Rose winner Kelly Fitzpatrick to the blog. Her book LILY IN WONDERLAND is available now with Ellora's Cave.

I am not one of those people who knew from an early age they wanted to be a writer. One day a story lodged itself in my head and would not get out. To force the story out of my brain, I wrote it down. Funny thing happened. Another story popped in. And another. Sound familiar? You too?

Writing has taken me so far outside my comfort zone. In the pursuit of publication I have opened myself up to rejection, disappointment and heartbreak. Sound familiar? You too? I’ve also experienced so much joy, pride and cultivated many friendships with people I’ve never met in person. When people ask me what I’d be if I weren’t a writer, I reply, “I’d be a standup comic” if only my debilitating fear of public speaking didn’t stop me.

I sometimes joke that I would make a deal with the devil to get my hands on a fabulous book deal. Maybe that’s a joke. Maybe it’s not. But there are some things I’m not sure I could do. Being a shy writer, I’m not sure how I would handle a book signing. So far my books have been e-books, which leaves me pretty much off the hook as far as book signings. I was asked recently to be on a panel of e-book authors at the library. I weighed my fear of public speaking with the potential rewards of the function and declined. Maybe I talked myself out of it. Maybe I was underwhelmed with the amount of press the event would get. Maybe I didn’t think e-reader owners hung out at the library. Maybe I was simply terrified.

I’m lucky enough to belong to a group of talented ladies, The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood, which gives me a showcase for my writing and a forum for my blogging. We’re a merry band of writers who were finalists in the 2009 Golden Heart® contest. Many of them are achieving great success, giving radio and television interviews, doing book signings and conducting workshops. Can I just say—way outside my comfort zone? I lurk trembling in the shadows just hearing about their achievements.

What am I comfortable with? Pretty much anything online. Blogging, Facebook and Twitter, and even these medias did not come easily to me. I fought them nearly until the release day for Lily In Wonderland. Being a private person (who writes under her real name), I keep my profile information very private, not divulging my relationship status or exact location.

My comfort zone is writing. My goal is to create a community of readers who enjoy what I write. My promotion comfort zone is widening as my career grows. Perhaps someday I will be able to tremble before a small group of people and speak a few shaky words.

What are you afraid of? Spiders? Snakes? Clowns?
From Ellora's Cave - LILY IN WONDERLAND--Bad girls need love too!
2008 Golden Rose winner/Romantic Suspense
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  1. Failing, Kelly. That's my biggest fear. Having performed numerous times, stages don't frighten me--it's the prospect of screwing up that's cripplind. So, when I perform, I let my imagination take me somewhere else. I was always surprised when the applause dragged me back. Escapist? Sure. Effective? You betcha!

  2. Thanks for having me, Rebecca. I actually finaled in 09 on my third try. It's exciting to be gearing up again for the GH, although I'm not eligble. I still judged this year.

  3. Gwynlyn - you amaze me. Growing up I always wanted to be a singer or an actress. I sang in choir and took drama, but faced with performing, I'd have the jitters for days ahead of time. And I was awful. In drama I'd talk so fast on stage, I'd reduce a sentence to a one really long word. If I had to do a 3 minute oral report, I'd get 'er done in one.

  4. Wonderful post, Kelly.

    What scares me? Heights. Not a fan. I'm also terrified that I'm delusional, but then my daughter told me that's okay because to be a good writer you have to be slightly out there. I'll accept that. (grin)

  5. Ha! Shea, delusional people don't think they're delusional. I'm with you on the heights. Add confined spaces, uh, dark places, rodents...

  6. I so hear you, Kelly. When I see any author panels, I'm always impressed with how they speak. Makes me think e-books are the way to go!

  7. Bev, I keep picturing myself with little index cards just like in junior high.