Three Months with My Nook

My husband gave me an ereader for Christmas. Told me I could pick which one I wanted. It took me until March to decide. In case any of you are in the market for a reader, I’ll share with you my thought process for choosing the Nook.

Kindle: I knew immediately I didn’t want a Kindle, because it doesn’t read a lot of formats and I already had an extensive digital library. I wanted to be able to read those books. But everyone I know who has a Kindle loves it.

Sony touchscreen: This one gets great reviews and reads lots of formats, but I hadn’t spoken to one person who loved it. The price was a bit more than the Kindle and Nook ($50 more when I was looking), but the main reason I chose against it was the screen—too much glare.

Sony Pocket Reader: This was my front-runner the whole time. Great price ($160 or so when I was looking), reads lots of formats, and many of my writer friends have this one. I ultimately decided against it because the screen was small.

I-Pad: Way too expensive, and way too big. I want a reader to read books. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of the I-Pad. Also, it’s backlit and I plan to spend a lot of time reading. Backlit screens are harder on the eyes.

Why the Nook? It reads a lot of formats--that was my first criteria. I was able to check it out in person in the Barnes & Noble store, and it was simple to use and figure out. The BN staff is super helpful, so if I ever had problems with it, I’d have an actual place to go for help. After I'd had it a few weeks, I bought a pretty turquoise cover—it protects the Nook and makes it look and feel like a “real” book. I also bought a nightlight that clips onto the top and is perfect for reading in bed. It’s just bright enough to read but not so bright that it disturbs my sleeping husband.

Something LOVE about the Nook is free Friday books. Every Friday, you can enter the virtual store via the Nook and download the free book of the week. I’ve discovered some fabulous new-to-me authors this way.

The Nook has some other cool features, too, but honestly, I don’t care about them. All I care about is that the device is easy to learn and navigate (check), and I can easily download books onto it (check), and it works (check). It was a piece of cake to download my digital library from my computer to the Nook (just drag and drop into the correct file). If I want to buy from the Barnes & Noble store, it’s a bit more difficult. Not. You just open the store, click on the book you want, click BUY, and voila, it’s on the Nook. Almost TOO easy (dreading the upcoming VISA bill…I wonder if I can hide it from my husband…).

I think I would have loved whatever reader I had chosen. Having a reader is SO cool and so much fun. I’m reading way more than I was before, because I’ve been buying short stories, novellas and short novels—these are hard to come by in paperback format.

Plus, I just love the name. Nook. It’s fun to say. Try it. See? Fun.

So, tell me--do you have a reader? Which one, and how do you like it? Are you looking for a reader? Which one are you considering? Or are you one of those people who just wants to hold a good, old-fashioned book in your hands?


  1. Thanks for the info on the Nook. I looked it over at my local B&N a few days ago and I really liked it. Still may wait ... so many things on the wish list. :-)

  2. Yes, thanks for that great review of the Nook. As I've told you before, when I see you looking so smug and way too cute (esp w/ that new turquoise cover), I have major Nook-envy.

    Love that they have free book Fridays. Reminds me of iTunes free downloads on Tuesdays. I've discovered a lot of great artists, just as you're doing w/ authors.

  3. Vicky--I probably still wouldn't have a reader if it hadn't been a gift--way too many other things to buy that I actually "need."

    Laurie--I had no idea about free download Tuesdays at iTunes. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I don't have a reader yet - not in the budget at the moment. Maybe one of these days... :) I'm so glad you're enjoying yours though!

  5. My Nook was a Mother's Day gift, and I love it! For me, the keys in the decision were the user-swappable battery, expandable memory, and the lending function, none of which are available on other models so far. I'm taking college classes online this summer and I've also saved a bundle by downloading some of my textbooks.

  6. I don't have one yet, but am getting close. Mostly because I have e-books on my computer that I haven't read yet, because I don't want to sit at my PC and read them, and also I'm having trouble giving away paperbacks I've already read. An e-reader would solve both problems. And I've been hearing so many positive things about the NOOK, it's already on my B&N wish list.

  7. Hey Jemi--thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :) Hopefully, your budget will allow for a reader soon.

    Jolan--I'm so glad you're loving your Nook. That's awesome that you can download textbooks. How much cheaper are they? My daughter heads to college in about a year. We might have to get her a reader for graduation...

    Susan--Your reasons for wanting a reader are just like mine were. I got tired of reading my digital library on my PC. I think you'd love the Nook.

  8. Thanks for your comments--I was drooling over a Nook over the weekend and have just about settled on wanting that ereader. I appreciate the nudge for the nook! It IS fun to say!

  9. Hi Rebecca!
    Saw your forwarded email on GIAMx4 and followed you here. Thanks for the great info on the Nook. I'm in the market for an eReader. Did a post about it on my blog a few weeks ago and got lots of great input. But, truly, I found your info the most helpful. I like the idea of having a place to go if I run into trouble. I'm a Borders shopper and have been waiting for their eReader to come out. But I might just check out the Nook. Thanks!

  10. Hi Laura--I drooled over the Nook every time I went into Barnes & Noble. But you'd probably love any reader you got.

    Hi Wendy--I'm so glad you followed me here. If you respond again, you can put a link to your blog on the same topic, so my readers can read your views, too. :)

  11. Very nice and comprehensive review. I wouldn't turn down a reader if I could afford one and I'm sure it would come in handy... but I'm old fashioned and will nothing will replace the feeling of a real book in my hands.

  12. From the moment I saw the Nook I knew I had to have it. I live at B & N. My husband says we should buy stock, it would go up the days I'm there. LOL I got the Nook for Christmas and I love it. I use BN giftcards to purchase on it. When the card is low I know it is time to reload.

  13. Hi Tyree! I will always prefer the feel of a real book in my hands. However, if you saw my office and my overflowing bookshelves (and understand that I just don't give away my books), you'll know why I'm loving my Nook.

    Jill--I think I, too, should buy BN stock. Lately, I've probably been responsible for much of their sales. :)