Chasing the dream, no matter what

Please welcome Renee Uitto. Renee lives in Troy, Michigan, and has been writing romances for 10 years. She also writes for three newsletters pertaining to persons with developmental disabilities and persons with mental illness. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with friends and family, read, shop, and listen to music.

Here's Renee: Because of my physical disability, I believed my writing would hinder me in many ways. I was happily amazed to see it wasn’t so. In 2002, I attended my first romance writers meeting and I felt comfortable that first night. So, here we are in 2010, and I’m still chasing the dream like so many writers are… trying to get that first sale. I still attend my chapter meetings and learn so much about the craft, read books on particular subjects that I need to brush up on, and learn so much from my critique partners.

It would be so easy for me to give up. Last year was very hard on me emotionally. I couldn’t write anything worth c—p. My friends at WritingGIAM saved me through a very hard time and assured me that I would be okay, no matter what. Right now I am in the midst of a manuscript that I love and I am motivated to write. I go to these Friday night working chats and take part in 100 day 100 word challenge.

So, if you feel your writing is starting to suffer, think about the things that motivate you to write and why you fell in love with writing in the first place. Something is sure to spark your muse!


  1. Renee, thanks so much for blogging with us today! You are very inspiring.


  2. Hey, Renee!

    Fab first blog!

    Karin* Tabke

  3. Great advice, Renee! It's so hard to stick with it, and almost everyone has a moment (or forty) where they want to quit. But the journey is as important as getting there, and I'm glad you're sticking with it.

    Isn't it nice to have a great support group? Your Writing GIAM group sounds terrific.

  4. Hey Renee,
    Good advice about remembering why you fell in love with writing, sometimes we forget!

  5. As writers, our path can be straight and narrow or wander and meander all over the place. It's how we deal with the curlicue and forking path that makes us stronger and more able to deal with the trials of publication.
    Gotcha sista! *fist bump*
    *she who has wandered far and wide, over troll-invested mountains, and Nessie-filled lakes*
    --yeah, I'm that weird. . .

  6. Renee, what a great blog about inspiration and overcoming all of our setbacks whether they be physical or emotional. I don't know any writers who ever have an "easy" year, so you're absolutely right to get into your story despite all the other things pulling at you. And thanks for sharing about WritingGIAM. Glad to be there for ya!

  7. Good for you for sticking with it, Renee. Wish you the best of luck!

  8. Renee, nice post and an important reminder. In this information age where we're bombarded and so easily distracted, we need to build a dam between that, and what led us to the keyboard in the first place. Hope you'll blog again ;)

  9. Renee, great post! Barbara Samuel said that when you're down about writing, remind yourself of good things other people have said about it. I like that.

  10. Renee, your stick-to-it, passionate perseverance is inspiring!Keep up the great work -- and by the way? You handle blogging like an veteran! Bravo! :-) Marianne

  11. Hi Renee!

    Keep on working and you'll get there!

    Cheryl Smith

  12. Renee, congratulations for letting nothing get you down! And yes, isn't WritingGIAM the best? :)

  13. We're so glad you've stuck with it, Renee. Congrats on your first post, and welcome to the blogosphere!

  14. Hi, Renee! It was nice meeting you last month. Stick to it, we know you can do it.

  15. What great advice, Renee! And good friends are definitely worth their weight in gold. Even though writing tends to be a very solitary activity, the support of friends can make an amazing difference in the quality of our writing.

    Best of luck on the new ms!!

  16. Support is definitely THE most inspirational tool for the muse. If no one is standing next to you to push your behind up the mountain, it is much easier to fall.

    Good for you, for seeking out the support instead of giving up as so many do.

    Thanks for inspiring me to keep going despite the set backs.

    All my best

  17. What an inspiring blog!
    A good friend once told me, "The difference between a published writer and a non-published writer is that the published writer didn't give up."

    Your blog greatly embraces that thought, which is what keeps me going even when real life interferes with my muse and writing time.

    Best of luck to you, Renee. You'll get there! Just never ever give up. :)