Q & A with author Mary Corrales

Thanks for being here today, Mary. Would you please share a short bio about yourself?

I'm very glad to be here. I live in the southwestern U.S., where all things hot come from. Lol. Sorry, it's 110 degrees outside, so it's hard to ignore the weather. Anyway, I've been writing for over a decade but have only been published for a couple of years. I write erotica and erotic romance in different genres including paranormal and contemporary suspense. Most of my work is short stories, but I do have two novellas out, my latest being Love's Demon Ways.

Q Do you consider yourself a shy and/or introverted person?

A I definitely consider myself shy…an introvert. I mostly resemble wallpaper in social situations. Lol. Especially, if I don't know anyone at a gathering. Moving around a lot in my childhood made it difficult to make friends so I tended to stay to myself and my books.

Q In what ways has being shy or introverted hindered your writing career?

A My first writer's conference experience wasn't that great. I attended for one day, but it was so difficult to get up the courage to talk to anyone that I really think I missed out on an incredible experience. It was sad because the ladies were all really nice at the luncheon; my mind was just blank on contributing to the conversation. Thankfully, I was able to go to another conference a few years later with my best friend, and it was a lot less stressful and so much more fun.

Q In what ways has being shy or introverted helped your writing career?

A Thanks to being an introvert, I'm a people watcher. I'm able to read people's body language and therefore it is much easier for me to write scenes and convey emotion non-verbally. I listen to conversations and the way people talk, it's all very useful to file away in the mind.

Q What’s the hardest part of this business for you?

Promotion. I'm still learning the best ways to do it. I recently got a Twitter account, and it's been fun chatting with people that way.

Q Tell me about a time that you had to step outside your comfort zone either in your writing career or in your personal life?

A In college I had to do a five minute speech. Despite feeling sick to my stomach and blushing for no reason, I got through it. Know your material, because that goes a long way to not passing out. Lol. I'm somewhat kidding about that, but it's very true as well.

Q What’s one tip you could share with shy and introverted people that’s helped you?

A Volunteer somewhere to build a comfort zone. You get to know the other workers, the building, and have responsibilities. This puts you in control, which is what you need in order to talk to people. The purpose is to get you used to smiling and saying hello, which is easier when others are looking to you for guidance.

Q Would you please share a short blurb of your book and where my readers can buy it?

A Alexine Coridan is lonely and unlucky in love. Vowing to live her life with no more regrets, she decides to have a one-night stand with the Nightfall Art Gallery’s reclusive owner, Ren Aloysius, but is he more than she is looking for? What forces will be unleashed when she sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch? Readers can get my book from my publisher, Siren-Bookstrand.

Where can my readers find you on the web?

A Readers can contact me via my website and on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for having me here, Becky. It's quite a treat.

  2. Mary, SHY? Naaaahhhh....! Actually, she is one of the sweetest people you can ever meet, and despite that shyness she gets your attention and you want to stay around and talk to her.

    Wanna know the LOL part? There is NOTHING shy in Mary's books!! She can write a story soooo HOT it will scorch the pages! Her heroes are some of the sexiest, hottest I've come across in the erotic genre.

    Do yourself a favor and read her books ---you won't regret it! And then come back and read this blog about her being shy! Ha! She's too cute!

    hugs, Kari Thomas www.authorkari.com

  3. Lol! You're so great, Kari. I do admit and agree that no shyness exists in my books. Thanks for the compliment, sweetie.

    Coming from a remarkable romance author like yourself, I am humbled.

    Hugs back!

  4. Mary, thanks so much for coming on. We shy people need to stick together...even if we don't come across as shy to others, eh?


  5. Very true about sticking together. I do my best to demonstrate an outgoing persona even though it's not natural to me. I don't let it stop me. :)